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Sweet Simplicity

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Kacie Informecial; I have the best family ever. They encourage me to follow my dreams and want me to live my life. I have friends that are way too cool for school. They have my back 24/7. They always give me weird nicknames. Normally you can find me hanging with a bunch of guys and I'm normally the only girl around. I love sports, they're my stress relief. There also a lot of fun to play. I especially love to play Tennis. I love watching football, volleyball, and basketball on TV. I also think Foosball should be created as a sport and not just a game. I like to eat, a lot. Food is yummy. When I'm not with my friends being extremely loud and laughing all the time, you can find me on the computer, either Myspace-ing or writing something or reading. Most people don't know I like to write and read. But I do. Sometimes that's what I do when I feel like I need to get away. I love the beach, it's very relaxing and it calms me down when I'm angry. I like to be outside but sometimes I enjoy the solitude of my room. I also enjoy walking/running/dancing in the rain... till I get cold and start freezing. I'm also a pro at Egyptian War.